Fall 2014

Doctor’s Visit_poetry_Frank De Canio

Magic Strands_fiction_Xenia Taiga

The Duchess of Malfi_fiction_Robert Earle

The Japanese Mexicans Look at the Moon_fiction_Michael McGuire

What I Dont Do_nonfiction_Cathy Adams



Spring 2014


Just a Touch Rebecca Andem (fiction)

fiction The Desk of Ezekiel Hamod Daniel J. Cecil (fiction)

The Price of Freedom Adina Siperman (fiction)

fiction Track III Deva Eveland (fiction)

fiction Love in the Time of Cholesterol James Stark (fiction)

fiction Afterward Michael Blekhman (fiction)

fiction Robert I. Mann A Saint Christopher (fiction)

fiction No More Heroes Darlene P. Campos (fiction)

fiction The Equation We Were Born to Solve Robert Earle (fiction)

Hands Alaina Symanovich (nonfiction)

nonfiction Buried On Route Miles Stearns (nonfiction)

nonfiction Water Is Everywhere by Karissa Knox Sorrell (nonfiction)

poetry by Emily Strauss (poetry)

poetry by Nels Hanson (poetry)

poetry Body and Soul Gale Acuff (poetry)

poetry Hinged on Trust and Faith, Sand Blown over Mirrors Charles F. Thielman (poetry)

poetry The Trajectory of a Fall Desirée Jung (poetry)

poetry La! This Joy that is Spring KJ Hannah Greenberg (poetry)

Fall 2013

FALL 2013

Babiuk, Darvin. Butterfly Wings

Baily, Stephen. His Last Wish

Hamer, Cole. On Tuesday You Will Look and Find Me Gone

Kamata, Suzanne. Arabian Nights in Avignon

Sarmiento, Catori. On Being Naked

Bashi, Boyer, Denrow, Gulig, Lennon, Morse, Namy, and Shinkle. OTHER Voices Outsourced Translations

Caputo, Lorraine. A Quiteño Day, Twilight Erupting, Prophecies

Garrett, Kate. Portraiture

Yuan, Changming. Pursuit, Song of the Past, To Mars A Free Sonnet